An evening dedicated to the late Ziggy Stardust.

A bottle of red wine. Fireplace.  Naked.  Stacy and I alone on the floor with a blanket.  We built a Bowie channel and let the night take us forward.

We talk a little. Mostly about what we each want from the future. Both of our lives are changing. Dramatically. Each of us is going through a divorce. Hers is awaiting signature from her Ex. Mine is waiting for paperwork to begin.

Mostly we kiss and touch.  There is a moment where she is stretched out on the floor. Laying on her stomach. Propped up on her elbows. Partly covered by the blanket. Her naked butt and shoulders peeking out from cover.  Transfixed. She is absorbed in watching the logs burn. I am absorbed in watching her. Perfect portrait…

We are frozen in this moment for a long time. I put several logs on the fire, one at a time.  Each time I pass over her to get the wood, I take time to nuzzle and caress her back and shoulders while stroking her behind.

Eventually, she turns around to watch my face lit by the fire.  Our eyes lock and remain.  She turns herself over to completely face me. Her breasts are beaded with sweat.  I become aware that I have an intense erection. Aching for her.  She reaches up and closes her fingers around it. Tracing the length and contours of it lightly.  Her eyes never leave mine.  No words.  After what seems like an eternity she props herself up on one elbow and draws my cock to her lips. Taking my whole length to the back of her throat.

Warm, wet ecstasy.

Her mouth moves back slowly. Tongue running along the underside.  Her hand holds me firmly at the base while her mouth plays. Up and down. Back and forth.  Just the tip, then deep throating again.  Tongue occasionally circling the head.

I become lost. Each time I am ready to come, she stops all movement. Holding me in her mouth. Patiently waiting for me to explode. After several pauses like this, I come hard. It feels like my heart is pumping come directly down her throat. She hungrily swallows it.  Sucking the tip for every last drop. I am a twitching mass on the floor.

After a few minutes though, I recover.

I remove the blanket from her hips, and spread her thighs.  She leans back on both elbows.  She is backlit by the fire.  I take an eternity to lick every inch of her wet folds.  Her clit becomes plump and firm. It quivers with anticipation at my every pause.  One finger inserted just inside her.  I tease and torture in multiple ways until she can’t stand it any longer.

She lays back completely, grabs a fistful of hair on the top of my head and presses my face into her pussy.  Her hips pivot up slightly to make sure my tongue is in exactly the right place.

“Don’t fucking stop.”  She insists.

I move my tongue as fast as I can. Flicking the little bean repeatedly.  One finger continues moving in and out of her swollen pussy.  Faster and faster. Finally she comes loudly. Both hands holding onto my skull.  Her hips pressed into my face.  I can’t breathe until she relaxes her grip.

I move up to lay beside her as it is her turn to lay twitching on the blanket.  We kiss deeply. The heat from the fire has made us slick with sweat.  I am mesmerized with kissing her. Completely focused on my tongue chasing hers around in her mouth.  The saltiness of my come mingled with the tangy taste of her pussy.

The next thing I know, she is pulling my cock inside of her.  Deep and slow.  Once she has me fully inserted, she grabs the back of my head again and pulls my face to hers.  Looking me closely in the eyes. Gyrating her hips.

“fuck me” she says in a hushed voice.

We lay there fucking in front of the fire for what seems like hours.  I can feel every inch of her wetness, but can’t quite come. She lets loose several times. Each orgasm washing over her body with a flood of intensity, while I continue to fuck her with a steady rhythm.

Eventually, the fire becomes too hot.  We move up to the couch.  She lays against the arm. We throw the back cushions off for more room.  I put her thighs over my shoulders.  Her knees are against her ears. I penetrate as deeply as possible.  Her pussy is swollen, wet and tight.

I am immersed in her body fully.  Seems like the deepest I have ever been inside any woman. She pulls back from kissing me and whispers “I can feel that in my stomach”.

We barely move at first. Both of us absorbed in the sensation.  Gradually we pick up speed.  I should be exhausted.  We have been going for a long time.  My cock stings with being chafed, yet is aching for her.

Faster and harder we continue.  Both of us moaning and grunting. Quickly this time, she is ready to come again.  I can see it in her face as she tilts her head back. She is entranced. Finally my body is ready.  I explode inside of her with a deep powerful thrust.  She lets go at that exact moment.  Shuddering against me.  I swear my brains are coming out of my cock.

Exhaustion strikes a minute later as I collapse on top. Her knees still up against her ears.  Both of us panting.  Hearts hammering. Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars are playing in the background.

The rest of the evening we curl up naked under the blanket.  Kissing and caressing each other. Watching the fire. Finally falling asleep. We awaken some time later as the fire is dying.  We stumble into the bedroom.  Drift back to sleep.

We wake the next day to sunlight streaming through the curtains.  Naked and entwined. We grin dumbly and sleepily at each other.  It is nearly noon. Time to get on with another day.

Bowie is gone, but somehow he would approve.

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