Stacy always looks nice when I visit…just to give me a reminder I think.

Our Victorian era courtship continues.  She is cooped up with 86 women in an all-female program.  That is a lot of estrogen.  The entire staff is also composed of women, with the exception of one man who works the front desk.  He has been there many years. I can only image the stories that guy could tell.

I attend a 1 hour friends and family group prior to each 2 hour visit.  Parents, husbands, boyfriends, and siblings of people addicted to drugs and alcohol.  The lead counselor is a recovering alcoholic, 12 years sober. She took last week off unexpectedly to attend the funeral of her sister-in-law, who basically drank herself to death.  It was a sobering story. No pun intended.

Having worked in residential treatment centers myself, I can appreciate that it is a difficult career.  This program is not perfect. However it is safe, clean, structured and the staff are clearly invested. That is all you can ask for.  The real responsibility for fundamental life change, is on the residents.

Only you can fix you.

It was a nice sunny day. We sat on a bench outside. Side by side, pressed up against each other. Most of the women in the program are moms. The courtyard was full of the visiting children playing around us.

We caught up on the event of each other’s week and talked about places we want to visit in six months.  I brought her a printed copy of the Bowie post at her request.  I handed it to her at the end of the visit. She will give me her personal review next weekend.  She has requested some fantasy pieces about the two of us in the coming weeks.

She is very blunt sometimes. Unexpected and endearing.

“I want you to write some sexy pieces that are all focused on me; go on and on about how sexy I am.  Describe how I turn you on, and what specifically is enticing.  Talk about all the things you want to do to me in graphic detail. Naked, raw, bodily fluids, chafing, smells, tastes. EVERYTHING.  I’m working on self- image issues. The writing gives me a boost. Helps me deal with all the crappy things in my head.”

I can do that.  My brain is full of naked Stacy

I took a long shower, and helped myself while thinking about her, when I got home.  I’ll build out from there.

Stay tuned.



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