People are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime

5 Minute Court Appointment

T and I are scheduled for 5 minutes in front of a judge on May 4th. I was nervous this evening in anticipation of how she would take the confirmation.

Finally Friday

T and I have grown into friendly roommates. We’ve been headed down this road for years and are finally here.

Another Step Forward

We will go our separate ways and try to remain friends. The clerk said it might take up to 60 days for us to get in front of a judge to finalize.


Arms stretched out above your head. Hands well fastened to separate corners of the bed. Brown rope, I think. Silky smooth. Light. Your knees are up. Thighs wrapped against calves. Not too tightly, but firm. Unfettered access for me.

Removing the Elephants

We accomplished a lot towards our divorce this weekend. Settling things once-and-for-all has been elusive. However, we did our best to get as many of the elephants out of as many of the rooms as possible.