Hello Lover.

You are naked and trussed up well. Laying on your back.  I have had plenty of time to collect some good rope.

Arms stretched above your head.  Hands well fastened to separate corners of the bed. Brown rope, I think.  Silky smooth. Light.  Your knees are up.  Thighs wrapped against calves. Not too tightly, but firm.  Unfettered access for me.

Your gag is also rope. Two lengths wrapped through that pretty mouth of yours. You’re not allowed to speak, but I want to hear every moan. Plus you might need something to bite down on.

It is mid-summer. The room is warm.  Your body slick with sweat. I’ve put a washcloth in a bowl of ice on the nightstand.

You are mine. I will do as I please.

My hands begin. Starting at your shoulders, my palms stroke downward. Breasts. Stomach. Hips. Outer thighs. Inner thighs. Stopping just short of your beautiful little mound, then gliding back the way they came.  One, two, three passes.

Your breasts are so enticing. I take a moment to trace your nipples. Rolling them between my fingers until they are at full attention. These perfect tits are mine.  I take one in each hand. Caressing and massaging them at first. Then, holding the right one more firmly, I pull it to my lips.  Sucking and licking. Teeth playfully biting.  This takes a long time.  The sensation radiates through your chest.  Your skin blossoms with goosebumps.

While this is happening, you notice my hard cock inadvertently graze your inner thigh. The head lightly tracing your skin.  Travelling down to press against the waiting lips of your pussy. I’m not entering you quite yet….just hovering at the gate. Distracting. Enticing. You begin to feel a warming in the bottom of your stomach which spreads as your anticipation builds.

When I am satisfied your breasts have been sufficiently attended to, and my cock can no longer be trusted to hold at bay, I kiss my way down your stomach. You are beginning to sweat. Your skin is slick.

I stop and wipe your face and chest down with the icy cloth.  Tracing it down your body to your waiting, warm wetness. The cloth is soft and very cold against your labia. Icy water trickles over your flowering lips.  So cold. You suck in your breath and bite down on the rope a bit.  I take care to work each fold of skin delicately.  Cold water trickles down on your butt. I pause to admire you. Like an iris spreading wide. Waiting for me.

I put the cloth away, and position my face between your thighs.  I’ve not shaved in a day or two.  My bristled cheeks chafe your thighs. My tongue begins on the side; in the valley between your labia and thigh. I spread your thighs apart with my hands. Tongue tracing up, hovering over your clit and then down the other side. Salty, musky, sweet. Mmm…

This will take an interminably long time. You must be patient.  Remember you are mine.  You are my plaything now.  Your lips become swollen. I lift your ass up with my hands, and stick my tongue in your pussy as deep as it will go. In/out. Up/down.  Slither and slide.  I moan a little as I savor you. You let loose muffled cries around the gag.

My tongue withdraws from your inner sanctum. I lick you fully from bottom to top. Long and slow.  This instrument of mine is hot and wet. Spread flat and firm,  enjoying your pussy as if it were an ice cream cone. You are so wet. Juices trickling down.  Eventually, I move up to your pearl.  If you could speak, you would be begging me.  Gagged. All you can do is whimper and moan.

The tip of my tongue circles your clit. Then starts to flick it a little. Up and down. I’m not going fast enough for you. There are frustrating pauses.  Just when you want more I stop, and all you get is my hot breath.  Close. Hovering.  Then, when I decide, my tongue returns.  I give you a little more. Picking up speed gradually.  However, as you start to get close, the warmth in your belly flooding up through your chest, I’ll get distracted again.  Return to licking the inside of your pussy. Like a butterfly on a honeysuckle.  The next time, sucking your lips.  Following on with one or two long lollipop licks for good measure.

You are in my power. I bring you to the brink over and over again, always pulling back at that last moment.

Frustration starts to build.  My fingers dig in to your ass cheeks as I hold you firmly.  You have no control. This is my pussy.   I like the taste of it.  The feel of your plump lips on my tongue. The slick saltiness inside, when my tongue plunges deep.

I do have compassion. Eventually, I come back to the top. Back to that plump little pink pearl.  My tongue will find it again.  Treat it exactly as you desire.

Tongue flicking up and down. Faster, harder.  My hands move around for a better grip. Spreading your legs wide. Thumbs dig into your inner thighs as I focus. Headlong. Consumed. No pauses. No teasing this time. Fully engaged. You are powerless to do anything but lay back. The heat of my lust for you fills every pore of your body.  You can feel yourself getting close one more time. You are whimpering. Praying that I keep going. My tongue is exactly where you want it.  Pressing hard, and moving at the perfect tempo.  The tingling starts to build. You hang onto it. Right on the edge.  Your hands strain at the ropes. Your hips try to pivot up.  Asking me please.

Finally it comes in a storm of lightning. Coursing through you from head to toe.  Every nerve fires at once. The orgasm washes over you completely. Your head tilts back into the pillow. I keep going. Pushing you further. Your body shudders under my hands.  You try to scream out, but the gag prevents you.

Euphoric.  Your heart is racing, when finally I stop to take a breath. My heart is hammering in time. I lay my face on your sweaty stomach for a moment. Breathing heavy. Two of my fingers trace up to your mouth to give you a taste of yourself. Salty and sweet. I allow you to recover for a moment or two, but not too long.  My desire to be inside you is too strong.

You are still breathing heavily, when I come up to nibble on your lower lip. I pull the gag out of your mouth, and kiss you. My lips and tongue are thick with the taste of your pussy.  I look deep into your eyes and slide my aching cock inside you.  I drive myself deep, and stop for a few heartbeats.  Your pussy is so tight. Warm and slick. I can feel every inch of you. We are fully connected. Time stops.

A moment later, I cannot contain myself.  The taste and touch of you has filled me with lust. My cock pulsates with it. I try to start out slowly, but don’t have the patience, skipping to full long strokes. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. I am building too quickly. Try to hold back, but I can’t.  The lightning races through my body as I explode in a gigantic rush.  The warmth of it surges into you. My legs twitch as I collapse. My face buries in the crook of your neck.

Over and over, for hours this repeats. Different positions, but the same theme.  You are mine.  I will drive my cock into you until I am fully satisfied.  There will be moments when I untie you to rest. But not for long. Again and again I will fuck you, until we are both raw and chafed, panting on soaked sheets.

When my lust is finally sated, I will untie you for good. It will be dark outside. We have been fucking all day.

You have done well. I am satisfied.

Good Girl.

I carry you to the couch. Leave you alone for just a moment while I go heat up some food.  Bring it to you with a cool drink. We eat and then I cradle you in my arms.

Safe. Comfortable. Satisfied. Wanted.

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  1. Beautiful, detailed and achingly arousing, excellent post


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