Finally Friday

Echoing EmmaGC75‘s sentiment, I am so glad it is Friday.

I swear, work drama was in the air this week.  Everyone I talked to was having a crazy week.  @Emma thanks for the memes. The keyboard one is especially funny for me. I am now in the market for a spikey metal keyboard, with which to beat people.

This one doesn’t have spikes, but it is a good start (the Baron of Cyprus from Datamation).

Baron of Cyprus Keyboard

…not that I would actually beat anyone. I have a good life.  Some people are just annoying. I am sure you all know what I mean….

Anyhow…the update on the UEH Serial is as follows:  T and I have grown into friendly roommates.  We’ve been headed down this road for a while and now we’re here.  She is moving out two weeks from today. We are waiting on a court date to finalize the divorce. It is all over but the paperwork and probably a little more crying.

She is house sitting for a friend this weekend (Siobahn, actually), so I have the place to myself.

I am enjoying the solitude.  Red wine. Good jazz. I love the ladies of jazz. Nina Simone is my ATF.



I’ve been eyeing this bottle of wine in the store for weeks. Finally broke down tonight and bought it.  Shameless marketing, and it worked. Suprisingly, it was very affordable and is good.

Girl & Dragon wines.  They even have a little poetry on the website…

A shadow slips over the land, as the day turns to night.

Glittering stars turn on, one by one; the dragon has taken flight.

Down below, a girl awakes. Her heart beating; his wings beating.

He searched the world for her. And now they soar as one.

There is a secondary purpose to this specific bottle.  I have made a commitment to myself:

No hobbying.

This beautiful label is a subtle substitute and a reminder.

I need to be okay in my my own skin. Solo.

I get to visit Stacy tomorrow. She is doing well.  She calls me every night.  We only get 10 minutes to talk, but it is a nice way to wrap up each day.

The rehab is for women only and she has 85 other women aged 18 + to deal with every day. Wow, that is a lot of estrogen. She has taken up coloring.

Mostly we hold hands and she tells me the gossip of the house.  We also talk about her therapy assignments. This month the homework is to be honest with yourself about personal failings.  Truly admit what it is about yourself that you are most afraid.  That thing that drives you to escape.  In the end she will need to speak about it in an open forum.  She is bravely working through it.   Not easy stuff.  It has had an effect on me as well.

Not everyone makes it in this program.

Last week a woman quit, left the facility (it is voluntary), went out and overdosed.

Like I said at the top of this post. I have a good life. Perspective

I have an easy day planned for myself tomorrow: Clean the house, visit Stacy then maybe go to a movie.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. 🙂

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  1. Vegas says:

    My fav Nina Simone song is Sinnerman.
    Enjoy you weekend!


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