5 Minute Court Appointment

Out court date arrived in the mail today.

T and I are scheduled for 5 minutes in front of a judge on May 4th.  I was nervous this evening in anticipation of how she would take the confirmation.

She gave me a high five. WTF?

“yay us! not about getting divorced, but that we were able to get all this shit done without any lawyers.” –  her explanation…

We avoided some significant fees by firing both our lawyers and striking a hard deal together. We then filed the paperwork on our own.  Thus saving ourselves a good amount of money.

Money trumps feelings. Sometimes at least….

I received my annual bonus at work unexpectedly yesterday.  My boss had been priming me to receive nothing because the company is not doing well.  As a surprise, she called me yesterday to say she had been given special approval to pay me the bonus because of my good performance last year.  Gotta love office politics. LOL. However, I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Coincidentally the bonus amount was almost equal the estimated lawyer fees for the divorce.

In celebration, T and I split the cash.  Strange how relationships work out.  Here we are celebrating “screw the attorneys” in the midst of ending a 20 year relationship. (2 years living together and 18 years married).

Things are moving along in the friend direction for us. We love each other that is clear. Now we both move forward to the next phase. I can tell she is excited about it also.  There will still be hard moments. I imagine standing in front of the judge a month from now will be a powerful experience for both of us.

We will survive.

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