My father is an alcoholic.  Actually, most of my family is addicted to alcohol.

Being a part of Stacy’s recovery has given me new insight on this. I had no intention of confronting my family.  However, life dragged me back into it anyhow.

People are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

My father landed himself in the hospital with a collapsed lung this past weekend. I went down to see him. While I was in town, step mom and brother approached me about confronting him and forcing him into some kind of rehab/detox while he is in the hospital.

The asked me to intervene 25 years ago and I refused at the time. I knew even then, that I was powerless to stop him from drinking.  That has not changed.  Even more, half of the problem is that my step mom is just as bad as he is.

I had a 4 hour visit with Stacy on Easter Sunday. We talked about this quite a bit. It was helpful. Now I am back in my dad’s house keeping my step mom company until he gets out.  I have at least some tools to be supportive, without feeling that I am personally responsible for getting everyone to quit.

I have gone from supporting Stacy’s recovery in rehab to her supporting me as I face things with my own family.




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  1. Vegas says:

    Ugh..I’ve been there with my Godfather several times. We buried him with my grandfather last year (may they rest in peace). It’s not easy, so I know your pain & what you’re going through. Hope your dad recovers well.

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