I Want to Touch You All Over

A little erotic prose….


I want to run my hands across every inch of your naked body.

It is night time. We are laying on a blanket outside staring up at the night sky.  There are no lights except for a half moon.  All is quiet. There is no sound except the crickets and cicadas around us in the dark.

We are naked. There is a warm spring breeze blowing across us. We don’t talk.  My fingers slowly caress you.

Starting with your face and hair. Lingering to hold your neck.  Sliding down to your breasts. Circling. Fondling. Lingering. Continuing on. Slipping down past the smooth skin of your stomach. Lightly stroking the lips of your pussy.  Sampling inside for a moment.   Then on to your thighs.  Fingers streaking down the soft skin to your feet. I take a moment to admire you in the moonlight.

I move a hand up to touch your check then bend down to kiss you. Long and full. Our tongues lightly playing. I lean down on an elbow. Your chest touches mine.  The feel of your skin sends a rush through me. Still we are kissing. My hand moves down to squeeze your breast.  Kneading it firmly.  You can feel my excitement swell against your thigh.

Your hand reaches over to take hold of me.  Slowly stroking.  I am so hard for you it aches.

Still, we are kissing.  However our need for one another is becoming urgent.  I reach down and slide two fingers inside your warm wetness. Lips swollen. Waiting for me. You spread your legs to show me how ready you are to have me.  I lift my hips over yours. Your hand still gripping me firmly. We pull back from our kiss to look one another in the eye.  You guide me in.  Relishing that first moment of penetration.  Taking you. Filling you. Needing you. We are hungry for each other.  Slowly we glide together.  We cannot control ourselves.  Our intent is to go slow, savor this, but our lust runs away with us. My hand holds your throat as our hips move frantically together.  It does not take long before we both explode. Lightning tracing our spines.

I collapse on your chest.  My face between your breasts. Slick with sweat. Breathing heavy. Hearts pounding. Your hand absently stroking my hair. No words to say. None required.

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