The Porn Shop

Lunch date with Stacy that I never wrote up.  It was an average Wednesday in November.  We were somewhere between. “I want to be a normal girlfriend with no arrangement”, and getting caught red handed.


We are eating lunch in a diner.  Open faced turkey sandwiches with gravy.  Total stick-to-your-ribs fod.

We are affectionate. Holding hands across the table.  She is tracing her fingers through my palm over and over.

“You have to get right back to work?” she asks.

“Nope I have a few hours open.”

“Oh REALLY? I want to take you someplace fun and interesting.”

We finish up.  I get in my car and follow her.  Not too far. Her surprise is an adult toy store.  I’ve never been inside one of these, and I’m more than a little nervous.  She grabs my hand and leads me up the wheelchair ramp into the store.

It’s a clean place.  Like a normal store, but with R rated mannequins.  We spend a few minutes looking at merchandise. She takes great pleasure in making me squirm. Restraints. Dildos. Costumes.  My brain is spinning.

“Wanna check out the private booths?“  she says.

Before I can answer, she is pulling me to the back.  We pass through a door into a dark hallway with 8 or 10 booths with curtained doorways.  Random porn sounds dominate.

We pick an unoccupied room about halfway down. There is a cheap black chair, a small screen and a bill feeder. She pushes me into the chair and plops onto my lap, kissing me.  I’m concerned that we need to at least feed a few bills into the machine.  Proper patron behavior…Stacy ignores my concern. The kissing continues.  A overly loud trailer cycles on the screen.

I can hear people walking past our little curtain. Expecting someone to come in and eject us at any moment.

Stacy starts gyrating her hips slowly in my lap. My brain clouds up.  Still kissing her, I reach up under her dress. No panties. Soaking wet. I forget about everything else.

I am swollen to the brink underneath her gyrations. After a moment, I ease her up out of my lap and stand up.  She sits in the chair and undoes my pants, takes my cock in her hand and closes her lips around the swollen head. Slowly she slides it to the back of her throat. So warm.  I let loose a small moan of satisfaction. She takes her time. Back and forth. Nursing me to the brink.  Tongue and hand working magic. Just when I am about to blow, she pulls back and looks me in the eyes. She turns around, hikes up her dress a little and bends over the chair.

Her lips are swollen and pink. Glistening. No words are necessary for to convey this invitation.  I take her hips in my hands and slip inside her.  All the way home. Stop at the deepest point, and savor the sensation. So warm. So wet.

She lets loose a muffled moan of satisfaction.

I hear footsteps outside our curtain.

At first I am anxious, but quickly lose myself in the depth of her warmth.  I give way. Who cares?

Slowly I start to slide back and forth inside her.  She begins to moan a little too loudly.  I reach up and clamp one hand over her mouth, and grab a breast with the other.  Our rhythm picks up.  We are both eager.  In and out. Faster. Harder. Deeper.  We are consumed.

I fuck her and fuck her.  Deep, to the hilt.  Moans and sighs. I am struggling to keep her quiet.  She feels so good.

I hear more people outside of our curtain, but I don’t care anymore.  She steadies herself against the wall with both hands.  The little room is shaking a little. Faster. Harder. Louder.

She comes hard and loud, biting into the heel of my palm. I explode inside her a few seconds later with a final deep thrust. Lightning shoots and down my spine.

We stay there for a moment. My cock pumping.  Deep inside.  I am holding her tightly against my chest. One hand on her face. The other on her chest.   After a few moments we are lucid again.

The porn trailers continue. She turns. Looks into my eyes. There is depth there. Nothing said. Finally she giggles. We get up and leave. There is no one in the hall. The clerks pay no attention. I don’t know how anyone could not have heard that.

We hold hands, walk out. The clerk behind the counter says wishes us a good day as we pass by.

We kiss our goodbyes in the parking lot and go our separate ways.




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