Back on the Road

Sitting in a hotel room in Manhattan.

I’m finally out in the world again. My first trip as a free, single man.

In the mean time I am off on a three city tour: DC/NYC/Detroit.  Suited, shaved and ready for business.

Our court date went as planned on last week.  The divorce is final. T had her name restored, and receives three years of alimony.  I kept the house.  We each took two cats.

It was a little surreal stepping through security onto the terminal yesterday.  A few weeks shy of two years from when this all started with an unexpected pass.

I have a lot of feelings mixed up in my head. Happiness, relief, guilt, grief…  Overall I am in a good place mentally and emotionally though. Unexpected things happen.

When we left the courtroom, we walked back to the parking garage together.  I reached to hug her as we were parting, and she waved me off, shaking her head.  A few hours later she texted me unexpectedly. Apologized and then said “Can We talk later? I need some advice. Something strange happened, and I don’t know who to talk to. “

It turned out that the sanctuary offered her a job when she got back from the courthouse.  Her plan was to spend the day there and blow off steam. When she arrived, the owner pulled her aside and offered her a full time permanent job. Salary, benefits, retirement, the works.  She has been after them for more than 10 years for a position like this.  Because it is not-for-profit, jobs are few and tightly held.  Well, one of the old timers had a family emergency and retired with only a week’s notice. Seren-fucking-dipity.

This means that she would not be able to go to school as planned, plus she worried about the alimony, which was based on her not working while in school. Of all days for this job offer to come out of nowhere… We both had a good laugh over it.

I told her not to worry about the alimony.  Her new salary is still only a third of what she made as an IT consultant. It will put her in a good place financially and she can still go to school in a year or two if the job is not all it was cracked up to be.  She sounded very happy on the other end of the phone.  She is going to be OK.

Now this is all over. We can both get on with our new lives.

One of my friends asked “So when does Spinner Fest 2016” get underway?  LOL. Not any time soon.  I am serious about living in my own skin for the foreseeable future.

Things with Stacy are working out well. She is taking rehab seriously and just got to the level where she can leave the treatment center during the day to go back to work.  She started a new job on Thursday, which she is very happy with.  She is on track to be finished with her program mid-July.  There is also the potential for her to graduate early, which would be cool.

Our forced Victorian courtship could not have come at a more opportune time for me personally.  She is beginning a new life too.  We’ll see where our fledgling relationship takes us.  One day at a time, for sure.

You never know how things are going to turn out.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vegas says:

    Glad to hear it all went well. 😊


  2. mala says:

    Serendipity, indeed…


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