The Stockroom

Stacy and I have been continuing our Victorian courtship for the past few months. It has been an interesting relationship experience. She has progressed through her program on a steady basis. She is back to work now. The residential phase of her program ends in about 6 weeks.

Her new job is at a high end beauty supply wholesale store. There is a hair show about an hour away this weekend, and her manager took most of the staff.

Stacy, who couldn’t go to the show anyhow, stayed behind to cover the store.


Our visits have become seriously sexually charged over the past month. I go see her at the center 2 or 3 days a week. It is full of families during visiting hours. We still sit on a bench in the courtyard and hold hands.

However, a new layer has developed. No one listens to us, so the dialogue has grown hotter each visit. Fantasies and desires described in detail during our conversations.

Accompanied by slight peeks down her blouse, or up her skirt. Occasionally, a stray finger brushing my cock as we get up. Anticipation building, to say the least…for months.

Yesterday, Stacy invited me to the store. She was closing at 4, and didn’t have to be home until 6. ‘Sex in the stockroom with a hot clerk’ has been on my bucket list since I worked in the mall in high school.

Never able to pull it off until now. Roleplay, without roleplay.

I arrive at 3:30. The place is deserted. I am the only customer.

“Oh hello sir, welcome to my store.”

She shows me around. Victorian teasing continues. A peek down her blouse as she points out various products. Her body brushing mine as she shifts past me in the aisle. On and on, you get the idea. Almost half an hour of this.

I could cut glass at this point. 5 minutes before close, a pair of real customers walk in.


They linger an extra 10 minutes after closing (or so), make a small purchase and finally leave.

I have made my way back to the small stockroom, leafing through a magazine at the card table set aside for lunch breaks.

Even though we are both ready to explode, Stacy takes her time to balance out the register, document the deposit, and drop in the safe. Work ethics prevail.

Finally, the moment is at hand. We are both suddenly trepidatious.

5 months of teasing and talking…all come to a head.

She climbs in my lap. Straddling me.

We look into each other’s eyes and kiss.  Deeply. Passionate.

I am rock hard underneath her as she grinds. We spend a long time making out. This too has been restricted from us, so we take our time. Enjoy it. The Muzak is blaring 80’s hits: Tom Petty, Def Leppard, The Police…

I reach up her blouse, under her bra.

She has filled out in a good way. Her breasts are fuller. So full and firm. I pull up her shirt and take a nipple in my mouth. She moans, and grinds harder.

Moments later, I can’t take it anymore. I push her up off of me.

She stands and we get naked. Neither of us well groomed. 70’s porn bush. LOL.

She faces away from me, self-conscious. She looks beautiful. Bashful. Fantastic. I take her in my arms from behind. Kiss the side of her neck. My stiffness pressing against her butt. My right hand runs down front, and I put a finger in to sample her wetness.

Again she moans.

We move down the floor. The room is about 12×12. Boxes lining the walls. A small card table in the corner with one chair. She asked me to bring a beach towel, which is spread out beneath us. She lays on her back, takes my cock in hand and guides me in.

A shuddered moan escapes us as I slide inside. So wet, so warm, so tight. She is looking deeply into my eyes. I kiss her, slowly beginning.

I can’t believe we are finally here. The anticipation has been so intense, and every ounce of it has been met. My cock slowly slides in and out of her in long strokes as we kiss. She bites my lip. I pull back and move my mouth to her breast. Sucking the nipple hard. She presses my face hard against it.

I can’t remember ever having sexual anticipation this powerful. It is a wonder I haven’t blown my wad in the first 30 seconds.

Trying to pace myself…

She builds quickly. We are one. Faster and faster. Her hips arch against me. Nails digging into my back. I can’t take it anymore. I am a geyser. Every ounce of fluid in my body. Mind blowing.

We collapse. I am out of breath on top of her. Elbows support my weight. She is shuddering underneath. My cock is flicking. Pulsing out an endless supply of cum. No pussy has ever felt this good.

After a few minutes, my brain comes back online.  I move to the side and spoon her from behind.

“Again”, she whispers… and reaches between her legs for my half hard cock.

A moment of handling. I am ready again and she slides me back inside.

My god. So warm. So wet. I never recover this fast.

Still, I am hard for her. I am spooned behind. This angle allows for especially deep penetration. I control the pace. Soft and slow this time. Savoring.

I whisper: “This is my pussy. I’ll fuck it how I want.” One breast tightly squeezed in my left hand. Her throat gently held in my right.  My lips nuzzled against the back of her neck. She has no choice.

I move very slow. My pace. Her wetness feels so good. I have waited for so long now. Rhythmically in and out. So slowly. We are lost in time. She builds quickly and comes hard. Ass pressing against me as she shudders. I do not relent. Slowly pumping. Hard as a steel rod. This feels so good.

My Pussy.

I release her breast and grab her hip. Tight. Firm.


I continue at the same pace. Slow. Steady.

After a few moments, she comes again. This time very loudly. My right hand moves up to clamp her mouth. The doughnut store next door is packed with people.

Her body shudders against me. In continue on. I can feel the freight train building in my spine. So deep. So tight. So wet. OMFG this has been so long. Finally, I come in a huge release. Spasms.

She wiggles in against me “Mmmm…”

My turn to shudder .

After a time, my head finally clears. We are entwined on the floor. The room smells like sex and we are soaked with sweat.

We enjoy the moment, but soon it is time to leave.

We gather ourselves together and get ready to go. This was fantastic, and foreshadowing for the very near future. Only 45 days left.

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  1. Vegas says:

    Sexual frustration finally at peace ❤️😊

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