The Desk

She normally rides the bus to work.

She called me on short notice for a ride today because a storm came through last night. Roads are flooded. Buses will be running extra behind.

She climbs into my Jeep looking super cute. Black jeans, close fitting black top with a nice neckline and her hair pinned up. I just rolled out of bed, raked 5 fingers through my hair and haven’t even had coffee yet.

Her presence perks me up.

It’s about a 20-minute ride. We drive along back streets because the main roads are flooded with water and jammed with traffic. We arrive via the back way half an hour before opening time. The road in front of the store is completely submerged and blocked off by police. Lights flashing, the works.

Clearly it will be a slow morning in the beauty supply store.

She is opening alone.

“Wanna come in and have sex with me?” she says with a sly grin. I love this woman. Always to the point.

Thankfully I took a shower last night.

I lock the door behind us as she clocks in. I head back to the stockroom (yes, the same stockroom from this past weekend). A minute later she is there with me, hands draped around my neck, looking up into my eyes with soulful deep brown irises.


We kiss. Her tongue slides in my mouth. We take our time. Passionate for each other, but moving slowly. I slide my hands under the back of her shirt above her waist to feel the touch of her skin. I pull her close.

I can feel myself swell as she presses against me.

We work together to get each other’s pants off. She breaks the kiss, and looks me in the eye as she lowers to her knees in front of me.

A moment later my cock is buried in the back of her throat. Tongue working the underside. I take her head in my hands.  Move it slightly back and forth. Her mouth is warm and wet. Filled with subtle motion. A muffled moan escapes her. I close my eyes. Lose myself in the sensation. She has me completely.

Minutes later, I am on the brink. She senses my readiness;  stands up. One more deep kiss.

Then she moves to the small desk, which is against a wall in the room. There are neat stacks of paper, a telephone, a small adding machine, and a rolling chair.

She moves the chair aside slightly, puts one knee on the arm, and both elbows on the desk. The chair slips to the side a little. Her legs spread perfectly.

Her pussy is tight as I slide myself inside. More moans escape her. I grab her hips and start a slow rhythm. The wheels on the chair adding to the dance.

She is perfectly positioned for me to fuck her exactly as I want. I take my time. Build her slowly. Long deep strokes. I can feel her lips swollen and wet along the shaft of my cock with each pass.

Her moans become louder and louder. The top of the desk is slick. She can’t get a good grip. Hands and arms slipping with every thrust. The papers get moved aside. The tape on the adding machine advances each time her forearm bumps it.

Finally, she gets her hands onto the wall on the other side of the desk. She starts thrusting back against me. I pause, pivot slightly to the side and spank her ass with one hand. Hard.

Once, twice…three times.

I return to my tight grip of her hips. Fingers digging in. I slide in as deep as I can go.  My urgency is building. She has slid forward  to the point that her thigh is pressed hard against the edge of the desktop. The other leg is still perched on the arm of the chair. I have her pinned at a good angle for me to thrust deeply with power.

Reaching up one hand to grab her shoulder for better leverage, I start fucking her harder and harder. The phone gets in the way; beeping as her cheek repeatedly bumps the keypad.

Our tempo quickens.  Faster and faster. Harder and harder. Long strokes, deep inside her. The desk thumps out a steady beat against the wall. Thankfully the doughnut shop next door is closed due to the storm.

I am ready to explode, but hold back.  I can tell she is almost there too. I slow myself slightly.  Steady pace. Bring her along.  Patience. Patience. Patience.

Finally neither of us can hold back any longer.  We both let go.  I feel like a gusher, as I come inside her with one final thrust. She shudders against the top of the desktop beneath me.  My whole body pulses in time with our orgasms.

Spent,  I lean down on top of her.  Slip both arms around her torso and hold her tight. We remain in this pose for a long while.  Breathing.  Connected. Entwined.

A short time later we are recovered.  Pulling our pants back on.  Smiling sheepishly at one another. time to get to work.

I will surely be in a good mood all day.  Next stop: Coffee!

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