This is an anonymous blog. it began as an outlet for me, and evolved in ways that were completely unexpected.

I was granted a free pass from my wife of 18 years (now ex-wife).  The pass came with three rules:

  1. No girlfriends
  2. No one can know
  3. She did not want to ever know anything about it.

About 8 months into accepting the pass, my mind was flooded:   Angst. Bliss. Frustration. New Confidence. New Doubts…

With no one to confide in, I started sharing stories with a few escorts I had befriended.  One of them suggested this blog.

Humor, Erotica, Relationships, Some whining, Marriage, Divorce, Betrayal, Infidelity, Adultery, and getting caught…..it’s all here.

I’m always happy to correspond, if you have questions or comments, please email me.


Some guys watch birds. I’ve been having great sex with them.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew says:

    😀 escorting, now I know a few things or three!


  2. micklively says:

    Sounds expensive!
    Does the pecuniary nature of your relationship with the ladies detract at all?


    1. uehobbyist says:

      I probably spend more than I should, but not as much as I want. Unexpectedly, I have become friends with several of them. It is a friendly experience and we have fun together.

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