I wrap her wrists a few times around and slide the clasp down snug, but not too tight. Lifting her hands over her head I quickly tie them to the headboard.

Her eyes tracking my every move.

Scarlet in Black

We’ve known each other a full year now. The vibe is FWB. Hooking up once a month or so, we know each other’s hot buttons.

Guest Blogger: Inara Part 7 – The End

A year ago I wrote him a scathing email. It was during one of our angrier exchanges when Matt told me for the umpteenth time that he was going to give his marriage “one last shot.”

Guest Blogger: Inara Part 3 – Signs

Of all of the things I regret most about my two years with Matt, it’s that I didn’t get up in the middle of that conversation, get in my car and drive away.

Double Date Part 2: Jane and Roy

The door to my room is ajar in preparation for her arrival. She enters and when I look up, it takes my brain a second to register how much I adore that face. Then the perma-smile forms. I can’t remove it if I wanted.

Double Date

I don’t know if there’s a term for a semi-pro blind double date, but I definitely experienced one this weekend.

Guest Blogger: Roy Part 3 Bar Harbor – The Next Day

Lots of moments like that together. Lots of badly needed phenomenal hours-long infinite-orgasm sex. Lots of beautiful looks from her – I have at least 10 different personalities of her face in my head – just now she looked at me with #9, one of my favorites. We’re in our own world.