Sex and Fitness – Part 3: What Kind of Exercise?

My routine has evolved over the last decade and a half. I have not always been good about it. There have been fits and starts. Probably the most important takeaway from my experience, is to treat it like a permanent life change, not a project that ends at some point and allows you to return to your old life.

Sex and Fitness – Part 2: How I Eat

I had to weed through the BS that everyone is trying to sell, so I could get to a permanent way of eating that is healthy and sustainable for me.

Sex and Fitness – Part 1: The Story

Lets talk about how sex and fitness. I’m no trainer or gym rat. I’m not ripped. I don’t have 6 pack abs. I also don’t have a gut. This isn’t an infomercial to pimp some sponsor who is paying me. Working on an average level of fitness has seriously helped me. Pay attention.