Just a hint of role play and spontaneity …

It is early Friday evening. Just after work. Home office. All my calls are finished, and I have a new couch.

The Desk

I lock the door behind us as she clocks in. I head back to the stockroom (yes, the same stockroom from this past weekend). A minute later she is there with me, hands draped around my neck, looking up into my eyes with soulful deep brown irises. Beautiful.
We kiss. Her tongue slides in my mouth.

The Stockroom

Our dialogue has grown hotter each visit. Fantasies and desires described in detail during our conversations. Accompanied by slight peeks down her blouse, or up her skirt. Occasionally, a stray finger brushing my cock

The Porn Shop

I can hear people walking past our little curtain. Expecting someone to come in and eject us at any moment.


Arms stretched out above your head. Hands well fastened to separate corners of the bed. Brown rope, I think. Silky smooth. Light. Your knees are up. Thighs wrapped against calves. Not too tightly, but firm. Unfettered access for me.


There was a moment where she was stretched out on the floor. Laying on her stomach. Partly covered by the blanket. Her naked butt and shoulders peeking out from cover.

Stranger on a Plane (part 2)

She takes my tie in one hand. Wraps it tight. Pulls me forward a little bit with it. I start to fuck a little harder.


a short length of stark white soft nylon cord and also a yellow ladder leash. The leash is just a piece of cheap yellow cotton cord.


I wrap her wrists a few times around and slide the clasp down snug, but not too tight. Lifting her hands over her head I quickly tie them to the headboard.

Her eyes tracking my every move.