Just a hint of role play and spontaneity …

It is early Friday evening. Just after work. Home office. All my calls are finished, and I have a new couch.

The Desk

I lock the door behind us as she clocks in. I head back to the stockroom (yes, the same stockroom from this past weekend). A minute later she is there with me, hands draped around my neck, looking up into my eyes with soulful deep brown irises. Beautiful.
We kiss. Her tongue slides in my mouth.

The Stockroom

Our dialogue has grown hotter each visit. Fantasies and desires described in detail during our conversations. Accompanied by slight peeks down her blouse, or up her skirt. Occasionally, a stray finger brushing my cock

The Porn Shop

I can hear people walking past our little curtain. Expecting someone to come in and eject us at any moment.


T has been gone 10 days now. There are many moments that I miss her. Expected, I guess. I do have to admit that while there are moments in the day that I miss her, I am glad it is finally over. Both of us are free at last.


People are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime

Finally Friday

T and I have grown into friendly roommates. We’ve been headed down this road for years and are finally here.

Removing the Elephants

We accomplished a lot towards our divorce this weekend. Settling things once-and-for-all has been elusive. However, we did our best to get as many of the elephants out of as many of the rooms as possible.


Our Victorian Courtship continues. We sat on a bench outside. Side by side, pressed up against each other.We were very well behaved. Most of the women in the program are moms. The courtyard was full of the visiting children playing around us. PG all the way.


We met in reverse and our relationship is growing in an unexpected direction. As many of you know, I found Stacy through SA.


There was a moment where she was stretched out on the floor. Laying on her stomach. Partly covered by the blanket. Her naked butt and shoulders peeking out from cover.