More of Charlotte in Napa

I swear Charlotte can roll out of bed, throw on anything, with no make-up, hair in a ponytail, and score 9 or 10 on looks. She is a natural beauty.

Morning Sex

Finding a woman who is ok with that is another story. Some ladies love it, others not so much.

Charlotte in Napa

Perfect weather. Hiking. Great food. Wine tasting. Sexy companionship. Couldn’t have asked for more. Charlotte is easy company.

She Disconnects When The Door Closes

The secret trip to Chicago was very good. Interesting, revealing, fun, sexy and a much needed release. I’ve talked about the concept of an escort crush. Charlotte definitely falls under that category for me. Too much so.

Treat it Like Any Other Date

Like a thousand other dates I had been on before I got married…
Pick up the girl. One of us forgot something. We stop at a store and are standing in the checkout line all dressed up on a weekend night.

Sex, Blogging and Relationships

Funny. My sex blog is turning out to be more about relationships. Ha. Go figure. I spend 10 years hardly having any sex at all. Binge through 10 months of having more sex each week than I used to have each year. Now I’m blogging about feelings.

The Secret Weekend

Charlotte and I have chemistry. Great moments these past few days. Cool hotels, hiking, tasty restaurants, blues, dancing…

Free :-) but not Free $$$

I logged in to write a review of Charlotte on Thursday night and got a pop up ad for a verification service that featured a photo of her. Wow, great targeted marketing! I’m an IT guy and know this is just science and statistics. However I wish I could target my customers like that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…

The Second Girl in Australia

I run 3 times a week to keep my cardio health up. Recently I discovered that If I run after sex, it improves my run. My normal run distance for the past 10 years is 3 miles. After my session with Charlotte, I ran 5. Awesome.