Catching Up With Karmen

Glad to see each other. She opened a bottle of wine, and we caught up. It never ceases to amaze me how the rituals around this become so easy.

Sugar Daddy’s Worry Too

I admit it. Sometimes I get in too deep. I can’t help myself. I like to know a little about the people I’m having sex with. The problem with that is when they flake out and don’t call me when they said they would, I worry something has happened.

GFE Friday Continues

I decide to ping Karmen to see if we can set something up for Saturday or Sunday. She responds “I don’t have any bookings for the rest of the night, if you want to come over now. I always love to see you ”

Karmen in the Evening

We agree to hook up. I arrive at her place 90 minutes later. She’s happy to see me. We’re comfortable with each other, and the sex we have together is very good.

A Nooner, a Nap, and a Smashed Phone.

After putting up that post this morning about sex and my marriage, I decided to go get seriously laid. Then later in the afternoon I got laid again with someone else. Over the top, but excellent. I have no shame.

Wife vs Escort – Comparing Experiences

I enjoy both lives. The escort side is exciting and fun, but not realistically sustainable every day. The married side, may sound a little dull but it is very grounding.

Sex Helps my Mood

Exercising the Pass definitely helps on the + side of the relationship meter. Lately, the evenings with T go very well on days when I’ve had sex with somebody. Male behavior 101.

A Very New Woman

She is beautiful, intelligent and charming. Something is still a little off. She seems slightly unsure about how the session should progress. She just moved in from out of town, and mentions she has only been posting for a couple of days. She makes the comment “you are my 7th date since I started.”

I misunderstand at first, thinking this meant ‘since she got to town’.