Saturday Afternoon in the Secret Apartment

I get an unexpected text from Melissa. She’ll be available this afternoon. She never works on weekends. A little time in the Secret Apartment on a rainy afternoon.

Wife vs Escort – Comparing Experiences

I enjoy both lives. The escort side is exciting and fun, but not realistically sustainable every day. The married side, may sound a little dull but it is very grounding.

A Visit to Melissa

Grinning, she lies back on the bed, and pulls me down with her. We lay there a moment with eyes matched. More light kissing, then she offers me her neck. I have missed her. I feel the moans in her throat as my lips are pressed there.

Melissa of the Secret Apartment

I’ve been seeing her for months, Melissa is one of my ATFs. She doesn’t post or have a website. Appointments are booked by text. We meet at an apartment she keeps across town. It’s upstairs on the back of an old building.