There is that quiet moment when we are laying naked together that is missing something for me. It is very FWB. There is no real connection between us.


Grabbing a handful of her wavy dark hair, I lead her over to the couch and bend her over the arm without speaking. Pulling the dress up over her waist while using her hair to hold her still, I spank her ass as hard as I can.

Know When to Pull Her Hair

A small smile creeps into the corner of her mouth as she clasps her hands and turns her eyes to the floor.

“Close the door.”

“Yes sir.”

Another Dose of Paula

Paula and I get a room. My voice is still shot, my performance is half mast, but we still manage a fun time out of it, and get to know each other a little better.

Exploring Paula

I booked a room at a small, hip hotel near the university for the evening. Paula enters wearing a go go dress and boots.

Please Don’t Call Me Daddy

I’m a little awkward. Our chemistry is off somehow. She is unbelievably sexy. We are both ready to go quickly. I come way too fast. That hasn’t happened in a year.

Settling in with Paula

I need to get down to seeing only Paula, once a week. However, the others keep cropping up. Impulse control vs. rationalizations.

Enter Paula: Part 1 – The Closer

I went on a dinner date with a potential SB last night and finally started to see the differences between a sugar baby and an escort. This girl recently came out of a long term SD/SB relationship and is looking for her next. She reached out to me on SA. We met for sushi, then unexpectedly ended up back at my place for some very, very good sex.