Scarlet in Black

We’ve known each other a full year now. The vibe is FWB. Hooking up once a month or so, we know each other’s hot buttons.

The Sexy Section of the Friend Zone

That woman is as horny as I am. We are starting to become friends. Scarlett visited me in my hotel room last night. We spent as much time catching up on what’s-going-on-in-RL stories as we did working the mattress off of the boxspring.

The Tornado is Tough

I requested. When she removes the dress, her ribs are wrapped with an ace bandage and she has a pain patch. “Holy crap.”
“it’s fine. Doesn’t hurt at all.” Tough girl.

On The Road Again

I am torn. I love T. We are close and we get each other on many levels. However, the intimacy is just not there like I want it to be. We are trying, and some of it has come back. However, when I am interacting with the other women I know, it does not compare. This is a tough point.

Sex Tornado

”I’ve been stressed out this week and seriously need come. A LOT. I’ve been looking forward to this morning for a few days. I brought my favorite lube, and the lingerie you asked for. I’m gonna be a little bossy… that ok?”

Finally Saturday

Finally this week is over. I am sitting in my hotel in Detroit, packed. Glad it is finally Saturday. Scarlett will be here in half an hour.

My Animal Hindbrain in the Motor City

Detroit. The last leg of my trip, two great sessions, plus I learned a little about myself: My cock has ruled my life more than I realized. Shocking. Lol.