Treat it Like Any Other Date

Like a thousand other dates I had been on before I got married…
Pick up the girl. One of us forgot something. We stop at a store and are standing in the checkout line all dressed up on a weekend night.

Please Can it be the Weekend Already?

Victoria and I were not able to connect yesterday. Our schedules were both too busy. I’ll catch her another time. Summer is all set for tomorrow. Very much looking forward to seeing her. I’ve had her on my mind all morning.

The First Day of Summer

Up until that morning, I was gradually having more and more success finding girls I clicked with. However, each of them was missing something. Some lacked passion, some didn’t know how to operate a calendar or clock, some had seedy incall locations, some had strange rules, on and on…Each was missing something.

Summer Crush

Fantastic Friday session with one of favorite providers. My first escort crush: a girl named Summer. Smart, funny, sexy, spinner, great kisser, passionate, head for business, and we have some chemistry.
The conversation flows between us easily. However, she always brings me back on topic with kissing and roaming hands. Professional. I talk too much. She keeps me on track for why we are there.
We’ve been seeing each other for months. Each time, we get to know each other a little better. Consequently the next session is even better.
Summer is schooling me on several things…