T has been gone 10 days now. There are many moments that I miss her. Expected, I guess. I do have to admit that while there are moments in the day that I miss her, I am glad it is finally over. Both of us are free at last.

Finally Friday

T and I have grown into friendly roommates. We’ve been headed down this road for years and are finally here.

Removing the Elephants

We accomplished a lot towards our divorce this weekend. Settling things once-and-for-all has been elusive. However, we did our best to get as many of the elephants out of as many of the rooms as possible.

Moving Forward

T came to me yesterday with a divorce proposal that I accepted

Checking In

I stayed in a hotel for those last few days until T left for her trip.

Red Handed

There we were watching an episode of ‘Drunk History’, and T rang my phone.

“Can you let me in?”

T Update

she has accepted a contract position for a sanctuary job outside the country. The facility lost their site manager and has asked her to step in.

One Weekend at a Time

T and I are coexisting peacefully. Progress continues in some areas. Old problems continue to hang on for dear life.

Restful Weekend

T and I are having a quiet weekend. We are both home. Nothing planned. No dramatic conversations. No problem solving. Just going to hang out together and not do much. Awesome.

Hello Lover

She started texting me late Friday night. We finally met up at her place this morning. We haven’t seen each other for weeks. We deal with stress the same way. Sex and Conversation.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

T and I have been home a few days together and the subject of our relationship has not been touched. This is partly timing and also we both seem to be avoiding it.