Everything starts out good, but can’t get the manatees out of my head

The Counterfeiter

Hotel maids watch Victoria chasing a guy through the parking lot yelling about how she is going to kick his ass.

Please Can it be the Weekend Already?

Victoria and I were not able to connect yesterday. Our schedules were both too busy. I’ll catch her another time. Summer is all set for tomorrow. Very much looking forward to seeing her. I’ve had her on my mind all morning.

Tall Victoria

She is tall (over 6ft), long brown hair and crystal blue eyes. 6 of my 8 regulars are blonde. 2 are brunette, and both named Victoria. One tall. One short. Both are MILFs. Wow a lot of similarity there….
Tall V is who I will see tomorrow. Not an escort crush. More FWB than GFE. We are comfortable with each other. Friendly. She has skills and is stunningly beautiful.