Another Step Forward

We will go our separate ways and try to remain friends. The clerk said it might take up to 60 days for us to get in front of a judge to finalize.


Arms stretched out above your head. Hands well fastened to separate corners of the bed. Brown rope, I think. Silky smooth. Light. Your knees are up. Thighs wrapped against calves. Not too tightly, but firm. Unfettered access for me.

Removing the Elephants

We accomplished a lot towards our divorce this weekend. Settling things once-and-for-all has been elusive. However, we did our best to get as many of the elephants out of as many of the rooms as possible.


Our Victorian Courtship continues. We sat on a bench outside. Side by side, pressed up against each other.We were very well behaved. Most of the women in the program are moms. The courtyard was full of the visiting children playing around us. PG all the way.


We met in reverse and our relationship is growing in an unexpected direction. As many of you know, I found Stacy through SA.


There was a moment where she was stretched out on the floor. Laying on her stomach. Partly covered by the blanket. Her naked butt and shoulders peeking out from cover.

The Truth About Stacy

I want her to be my girlfriend, and that we spend the night together at either her place or mine one or two nights a week.

Moving Forward

T came to me yesterday with a divorce proposal that I accepted

Stranger on a Plane (part 2)

She takes my tie in one hand. Wraps it tight. Pulls me forward a little bit with it. I start to fuck a little harder.

Stranger on a Plane (part 1)

Early in the flight she pulls down her tray table and puts her on it in an attempt to sleep through the bumpy ride. The profile of her body is distracting. Black knit top perfectly outlining her petite profile.